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Welcome to The Orchard School
Causeway Green Road, Oldbury B68 8LD
Call us on 0121 5697040 or Email:info@orchard.sandwell.sch.uk
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Our Outreach Team

All outreach requests must now be submitted to Shaftesbury House - forms can be found on the Sandwell extranet, under the heading virtual office. Please go to sub section special educational needs and then outreach where the document Supporting Children with complex needs in mainstream can be found.

Before requesting support it is important to hold a multi-agency review in order to establish clearly what you need and to ensure that agencies already involved with the child have not got additional advice/strategies that could be implemented.
You can request a variety of support which for example may include:

  • Staff training including the opportunity to observe teaching
  • Support with assessment and programme planning
  • Advice on differentiated activities

The outreach request form in the document must be sent to SEN @ Shaftesbury House together with any relevant assessment information or reports about a pupil, clearly marked on the front of the envelope ?Outreach request form?.
A group will meet monthly in the first instance, in the first week of each month.
The membership of the group will include staff from the Orchard and Focus Provision schools, the SEN Inclusion Adviser and Inclusion Support staff.
All requests received prior to the meeting will be considered but try to ensure that your request is in to Shaftesbury House by the last working day of the month.

Please click here to download the Outreach Services Brochure

The Orchard Tracker

The Orchard School's Assessment and Reporting Tool linked to the P-Levels (subscription needed)