The Orchard Tracker

6th October 2016, 9th January 2017, 8th May 2017 Flyer

£50 training for 2 staff / £350 licence fee (£50 will be deducted when licence purchased)

The new Ofsted inspection framework is placing a greater emphasis on the achievements of all pupils and in particular those pupils who have a disability and pupils who have special educational needs. Orchard Tracker is an assessment tool that has been developed by The Orchard School. It provides a detailed breakdown of  small  steps of  learning across  all  National curriculum subjects from P  1i to National Curriculum level 1, enabling staff to track and monitor small steps of progress across the curriculum within a level and through levels for Speaking and Listening, Literacy, Mathematics, Science, PSHE and ICT.

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The Orchard Tracker Recap

26th September 2016 Flyer

Price TBC

For those schools already using The Orchard Tracker who need a recap in using the tool effectively or schools with new staff and only need training not a Tracker licence.

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